The Power Of The Handbag

woman with handbag
The fact that your dress is not complete without your handbag shows that there is indeed some power attached to it. How much power? Well, dear reader, you are about to find out. Hardly ever will you hear of an important woman leaving the house without her handbag.

Some people say that ladies use bags to carry the essentials such as keys, money, phones, etc. But this is not the complete picture. Even though you may think a lady needs a handbag to put away items, like cash and additional things, women use bags as part of their dress and style.

Their outfit will simply not be complete when they don’t carry their bags. And this is not just any kind of handbag but the right handbag for the right outfit. Queens, First Ladies, Senators, and Businesswomen are hardly ever seen without their handbags. ┬áThis certainly tells us that there is a world of power connected to a woman’s handbag. So, you should never be found anywhere without your handbag. And your bag should always complement your dress.

You should know by now that handbags absolutely contain super powers. Don’t be surprised that it is one of the reasons why you turn heads when you are fully dressed and carrying your handbag!

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