Top 10 Handbag Types

There is a handbag for every occasion, function, and fashion need. And because of this, there is a long list of handbag types to choose from. However, buying trends have proven that some handbags are more popular than all others. In fact, you should not consider your handbag collection complete without most, if not all, of the following handbag types in it, as you will soon find out why.

1. Cross-Body Handbag

A cross-body is arguably the most popular handbag you can find. This bag has a perfect blend of all the features that a good handbag could possibly offer. For one, it has plenty of space to handle quite a bit of carrying. Secondly, with its cross-body strap, this handbag is also able to afford you some freedom since your hands can remain free and you can bend down and assume other postures without the need to hold onto your handbag in order to keep it in place.

And because the cross-body handbag can be of medium size, it can also be so well designed that it becomes the highlight of your outfit. Finally, if you are concerned about safety, this is one of the best handbags to have because it remains close to you at all times, and quite a bit of effort would be required before someone can take it off your person in an attempted theft.

2. Clutch

Clutches can be informally described as fun bags. They will not carry much, and not that you will need to when you are going to have some fun, but they will still hold a few of your things and complete your look. This is why they are so popular among many women around the world. The designs on these bags can be fun, and their compact size makes it easier to organize your things even as you throw caution to the wind in order to have a bit of unfettered fun at a party, a wedding, or any other informal gathering.

3. Satchel

When you need a handbag to do more than just make your look glamorous, this is one of the best options you have. This handbag is very common in many women’s handbag collections for its ability to offer functionality while also helping uplift their fashion appeal. Because the role of these bags is mostly functional, they don’t tend to have very complex designs that would look awkward once they have been loaded up with several of your personal items.

4. Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bags are very popular, and this has something to do with the fact that they look great and are also capable of carrying lots of stuff. The fact that they have straps that let you hang them on your shoulders make them convenient as they free up your hands a bit and ensure you don’t get as tired in case you are carrying something heavy. As mentioned earlier, they can also look very trendy, which is why they are also some of the most popular handbag types women buy.

5. Baguette

Baguettes have turned out to be some of the most popular handbags in the market. These handbags are very stylish, not to mention incredibly convenient to carry around since they can fit under the arms. Baguettes have also gone on to fetch unbelievable prices for their sheer style, which should come as no surprise since this type of bag is generally considered the quintessential “it” bag. So, for the numerous women who at one time or another go to the market looking for a bag that will give them an unabashed sense of style and a look of luxury, the baguette is usually the top option.

6. Hobo Bag

The hobo bag is a popular classic, which is why it never goes out of fashion. As with some other bags on this list, this bag is great for carrying things around, it does not matter if its your keys, your wallet, or a few snacks and some books. They are also very easy to carry, which makes them well-suited to their role. So, when going shopping or for an outing, this bag will help you take everything you need with you and still rock a stylish look as you carry it around.

7. Tote

Many women realize that a tote is an essential part of their handbag collections. Totes come in many sizes, and you can always find the right size for your daily carrying needs. But the appeal that these bags have to offer do not begin and end with their respectable carrying capacity. Totes are also very stylish, and though they usually feature simplistic designs, they are able to give you a polished look that will lend some quiet dignity to your outfit in both formal and casual settings.

8. Drawstring Handbags

Drawstring handbags are quite popular nowadays. The simple reason for this trend is that they are very convenient to use because of the drawstring. These bags are usually also great for both casual and formal occasions, depending on how they are designed and what material they are made of. A popular category of a drawstring bag is the bucket handbag, which is quite popular for its great functionality.

9. Weekender Bags

Sometimes you need a bag that can carry as much as possible, and still look feminine and stylish. A backpack won’t always cut it in this regard, particularly when it comes to the last two features, but a weekender will. A weekender bag is quite large in size, and it can carry anything from snacks, heavy belongings, a change of clothes, and generally enough stuff to keep you going throughout the weekend with nothing getting in your way. This has made them particularly popular with many women.

Final thoughts…

Every handbag has its place and time. Therefore, your handbag choice should depend on the priorities for the day. But to a large extent, handbag types depend on their size and fashion appeal. At times, what you need more is the carrying capacity, at other times, fashion style is needed more than anything else. Still, there are times when a perfect blend of both style and carrying capacity will be necessary.

In each of these cases, a different kind of handbag will be required. The best approach is to have each major category in your collection so that the handbag that serves you so well in your daily life does not turn out to be shamefully out of place during an evening out with friends.


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