Why Women Love Handbags

handbagsThere is no question about it: women love handbags. I mean, why else would we save up hundreds or thousands of dollars just to get our hands on a new designer handbag when we already have a closet full of nice handbags? But the question today is: where does this overwhelming passion for handbags come from? Or to put it simply: why do women love handbags?

Could it be the need to have something to carry around our things? Or is it because handbags are an important part of our outfit? Is it all about vanity? There is clearly no straight answer to this interesting question, but below are some things that could help explain why women love handbags as strongly as we do, particularly when it comes to pricier high-end handbags whose cost is generally harder to justify.

Quality is Worth the Money

Some women will swear to the fact that they are not swayed by flashy designer things, including designer handbags. To some extent, they are right, and completely being truthful. But at some point, they get to see past the marketing hype and realize the true value of these high-end bags. Designer handbags (i.e. expensive handbags) are of much better quality. So much so that these handbags will withstand years of abuse without falling into disrepair as is typical with your garden variety bag that may last a year. As a result, some women will buy a handbag just because of its great quality.

This level of quality makes for a better value in the long-term. Therefore, while some women actually avoid a flamboyant handbag that screams to the world that they love designer products and can afford to buy them, they will still seek designer handbags with pared-down design elements just to enjoy the quality experience of a designer bag.

One Size Fits All

Women love buying beautiful things, be it shoes, clothes, or accessories. Unlike some of these fashion items, handbags do not discriminate. When you see what is possibly the cutest pair of shoes ever, chances are that you will end up asking if they come in your size. The same goes for clothes; and in many cases, the response is usually disappointing. But we don’t have this problem with handbags.

Once you have seen a great handbag you absolutely love the fact is that it can be yours if you pay for it. You can wear it with confidence and get envious looks without people thinking it fits too tight. Handbags do not reject those who want them for any other reason besides price, and this makes shopping for them extremely rewarding because there are no disappointments to be had from size issues. Whether you are petite, tall, regular-sized, or plus-sized, the handbag you love is the perfect size for you and no one can tell you otherwise. It’s no wonder we love shopping for handbags as much as we do.

The Celebrity Factor

One of the reasons women buy expensive handbags, though it might seem a little obvious, is that the makers of these bags are really good at their jobs. Besides using world-class designers when creating their products, these designers also pull all the stops when they are marketing their products.

When a famous fashion house such as Louis Vuitton manages to get its handbags in popular fashion magazines and pop culture icons flaunt their products in public, it becomes hard for ordinary women, usually fans of such celebrities, to resist the desire to want to own these handbags as well. Such a handbag becomes very special, and the woman who wears it as she strolls throughout her day shares in this feeling.

Usually, in such cases, the flashier and the more uniquely designed the handbag, the more desirable it becomes to the woman buying it. To some, this kind of woman might seem materialistic, but in the end, she is buying something that makes her feel good and enhances her fashion sense. So, in her own way, she does get value for her money because she ends up owning a handbag that actually meets her expectations. Therefore, why would she not love buying a handbag again and again whenever something to her liking is presented to her?

Investment Pieces

When some of us buy handbags, we only think of how much we will love showing it off to our friends and others who happen to see us. For others, resale value is a consideration. And for this reason, some will have no qualms about buying several expensive handbags, comfortable in knowing they can easily offload them for a nice sum of money down the road.

High-end handbags keep their value. This makes buying expensive handbags something of a hobby – possibly an addiction. After enjoying the thrill that comes with acquiring the bag and getting to use it for a while, they can afford to get rid of it easily and for good money and then go on to buy the next hot handbag to hit the market before selling it off again.

Self Expression

Most people like to project a particular image of themselves. This is an uphill task with regular clothing. For instance, how do you tell the world you love the environment without resulting to drab unflattering clothing? Not easily obviously. And how else would you express your secret love for Disney characters in your clothing without seeming juvenile? With a handbag, either of these goals becomes less of a challenge.

If you love flowers, your handbag can easily express this fact, and through a style that most people will appreciate. There are practically a thousand things you can easily express with your handbag without having to say a word. So, while your love for the environment might be deep-founded, a dress made of natural materials might not generally be something you can love to wear, but a purse made of such materials would bring attention to your love for all things green while also giving your outfit some character.

So, Why Do Women Love Handbags?

As it turns out, there is no single reason why women love handbags. The reasons are quite varied, and this list in no way covers them all. While some of us use handbags to demonstrate that our fashion sense is in step with the latest trends, others love them simply because they are functional and essential to their lives.

Additionally, others want to use the unique designs on these handbags to express who they are, while others simply can’t resist the urge to go home without taking the beautiful handbag they have just seen in the store window with them. Whatever the personal motivation is, the one undeniable truth is that women really love handbags.